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  • what is the shelf life of your products?
    most of our products are made with naturally stable oils, butters and waxes and typically have a shelf life of one year or longer. however, as a general guideline, we recommend using these products within 6 months of purchase. we are always making fresh products in small batches so you can be assured that the product you receive is in perfect condition and at the beginning of its life cycle. to maximize the shelf life, always store in a cool, dark place that is out of direct sunlight or heat or put it in the fridge.
  • are your products organic?
    all of our products are made of organic ingredients, where possible. unfortunately, some ingredients simply do not exist in organic form, while others are simply not available as certified organic. we have sourced the highest quality raw materials to create a beautiful product for you and your family. most of our products are 95+% organic.
  • are your products essential oil free?
    our baby and mom lines are specifically designed to be essential-oil free. here's why.
  • do you use parabens, SLS, phalates, or any synthetic preservatives or ingredients such as dyes, colours, or fragrances?"
    no, we believe in only using natural ingredients in our products.
  • are your products gluten free?
    we don’t use any ingredients that include gluten or expose our products to gluten but we can’t guarantee that our facility is 100% free of gluten.
  • are your products tested on animals?
    no, never.
  • do your products contain allergens or nuts?
    we have specifically chosen hypoallergenic, nut-free ingredients in our products. all our ingredients are listed on the labels and on the product descriptions of our website. to be safe, we recommend performing a patch test 24 hours when trying out a new product.
  • what are your shipping & returns policy?
    Please visit our shipping and returns page for a full overview of how shipping and returns work.
  • i'm interested to carry your products. how do i go about doing so?
    we love retail and online store partners who share our values of natural clean living. email us at hello@kaiorganics and we can go from there.
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