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the story of kai

meet kai, my boy who loves a tight snuggle against his smooth, chubby little cheeks. his skin wasn't always this perfect. when he was two months old, he started developing dry, red patches all over his body and face. we saw various doctors, including a dermatologist, and were prescribed a steroid cream which hardly kept his eczema at bay. we tried several over the counter creams but nothing worked.


something had to be done for kai, so I did what I knew best - research. after months of experimenting with different formulations, our signature baby balm was created. kai's skin started clearing up, and at 8 months, he is my picture-perfect baby once again.


each of our product has been inspired by a need in our lives and lovingly crafted with kai (and his sister, kate) in mind.

we hope that kai organics helps you.

Image by Luma Pimentel
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